Kenwood TKR-740/840 VHF/UHF FM Repeater

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Kenwood TKR-740/840 VHF/UHF FM Repeater

High-performance features, repeater mode, 32 channel simplex/full-duplex base mode, flash memory, DSP-based tone decoding, PC Programmability, PC tuning, interface ports, test ports and programmable auxiliary ports make Kenwood's Systems utilizing the embedded TKR-740/840 receiver-exciter units the first choice for demanding industrial and public service applications.

General Features

* 32 Channel Simplex / Full-Duplex base mode
* Priority Scan
* Front Panel PF Keys with status LED
* Repeat Mode & Internal Controller
* Multi-Tone / Code Tables & DSP Processing
* Low Profile design and Die-Cast Chassis
* Auxillary Macro Ports
* Continuous Duty / High Stability RF Power Output
* Flash Memory Advantage
* LED Indicators
* Wide / Narrow Channel Spacing
* PC Programming and Tuning
* External Reference Input
* Local Speaker & Microphone / Test Switch
* Companded Audio
* Eight CW Message Memories
* Voter Tone Generation
* Digital Paging Encoder Input
* Voice Scrambler Port / Control

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