Olympus QuickScan PA In-line Inspection Systems

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-11
Olympus QuickScan PA In-line Inspection Systems


* Dedicated Windows software for in-line applications
* Open architecture enabling the use of multiple units working in parallel when a large number of probes are required
* Up to 8 apertures in parallel of a maximum of 16 elements for eight 128-element probes
* One aperture of  a maximum of 32 elements for a 256-element probe
* System bandwidth (–3dB): 650 kHz–20 MHz
* Maximum pulsing rate: >20 kHz
* Inspection modes: pulse echo
* Linear scanning, focusing, and beam steering capabilities
* Advanced automatic calibration tools
* A-scan, B-scan, C-scan, and merged strip-chart displays

The QuickScan PA is a digital instrument, Designed for in-line inspection using phased-array ultrasound:

* ERW Inspection
* Full Body Inspection
* Tube, Bar, and Plate Inspection