Olympus OmniScan iX UT In-line Inspection System

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-11
Olympus OmniScan iX UT In-line Inspection System

High-Speed Industrial Flaw Detector

* Component testing
* Immersion tanks
* Aerospace manufacturing
* Automobile industry
* Welded components
* Integrated inspection systems
* GE DFO P3TF22, P3TF30, P3TF31, and P3TF35 qualified

The new OmniScan® iX is an industrial ultrasonic flaw detector designed for high-speed immersion or nonimmersion testing of critical industrial components. This powerful and flexible instrument can be configured for 2, 4, or 8 conventional ultrasound channels. It features a high-resolution VGA display, data storage, C-scan and strip chart display, 16 logical alarms, 16 analog outputs, helicoidal, and other multiple scan modes. The compact OmniScan iX is housed in a rugged benchtop casing and is also available in a rack-mount version, or with a swivel-arm assembly for easy integration into inline production testing systems. Typical applications for the OmniScan iX include automotive components, aerospace composite materials, weld or disbond testing, and other critical manufactured parts that must be compliant to strict test code requirements.


* Data storage capability (internal and external)
* Strip chart display
* 16 real-time alarms
* 16 real-time analog outputs (at PRF)
* 4 digital inputs
* Remote control from PC
* Multiple A-scans
* A-scan and C-scan imaging
* 19-in., 5U rack-mount version
* TomoView™-compatible for data analysis and/or acquisition
* Remote control functions, for custom programming
* 2-axis mechanical encoders
* Multiple scan modes, including helicoidal
* Multiple channels (up to 8)
* TCG/DAC curves
* Interface gate for immersion testing
* Touch screen
* VGA output
* Maximum PRF is equal to the PRF divided by the number of channels (up to 12 kHz)
* USB ports for keyboard, mouse, printer, and external storage
* Back-wall echo attenuator (available at the end of 2006)