Hitachi Z-3500 Professional Camera

Hitachi Updated: 2007-09-24
Hitachi Z-3500 Professional Camera

Mid-range SDTV NTSC handheld Professional Color Camera for studio or field production.

Triax, Multicore, ENG (w/ Z-DR1 Hard Disc Recorder) configurations available.

410K pixel IT CCDs.

4:3 Aspect Ratio.

-140dB Vertical Smear.

14 bit A/D converters.

3 million gate, >38 bit process depth Hitachi Digital Signal Processor IC.

900 TV line resolution.

Sensitivity F11 @ 2000 lx.

65dB Signal to Noise ratio.

Digital NTSC Encoder and Sync (Genlock) system.

SMPTE color bars generator.

Time, Camera ID and Test tone generator for VTR Record confidence upon activating Bars.

Triple masking system: Linear, Six-color, Flesh-tone.

Automatic flesh tone detail.

Gray Scale Auto setup.

Scene files stored at camera head.

CF Memory card for camera setup & Scene file storage.

Versatile CCD shutter system.

Dyna-Chroma & Auto Knee.

High-chroma detail.

Detail knee or soft detail function.

Adjustable master color saturation.

Adjustable detail frequency (3~7MHz).

Selectable Gamma tables.

Modulation shading auto setup.

Quick focus function.

Programmable function switches.

Full-auto shooting mode.

Comprehensive viewfinder displays.

Selectable dual-level Zebra video level viewfinder display.

2-channel MIC audio available in Triax or Multicore configurations.

Dual AUX returns available in Triax or Multicore configurations.

Dedicated Teleprompter video and power available with Triax system TU-Z3A/ CX-Z3A and Multicore cable configurations.

Optional SDI digital video Returns (X2) and output (X2) with use of Triax CCU model TU-Z3A.

Optional Trunk Video option allows sending video from head to CCU via Triax cable.

Triax configuration offers Digital Intercom, Program and Mic (PCM) audio signals for interference-free operation.

New RU-Z35 Multicore cable CCU is now available featuring 2 independent SDI outputs.