Leica AF6000 E Entry Level Fluorescence Microscope

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Leica AF6000 E Entry Level Fluorescence Microscope

The entry-level software solution for high-quality fluorescence imaging and documentation.

Compatible with a wide range of manual and automated microscopes and cameras from Leica Microsystems.

It is particularly suited to general fluorescence imaging applications such as biological and cytomorphological examinations and for professional documentation of research results.

The system is truly flexible, as it can be teamed with both manual and automated Leica Microsystems microscopes. In addition, the Leica AF6000 E can be configured with the Leica M205 FA, Leica Microsystems' automated stereo fluorescence microscope. The system is compatible with many cameras in the Leica Microsystems range, which benefit from full integration with the software. As with all systems in the Leica Advanced Widefield System Line, the Leica AF6000 E features an intuitive user interface and intelligent workflow guidance.

Key Features

* Entry-level image acquisition system
* Document your research
* Combine with a wide range of Leica Microsystems microscopes and cameras
* 2D time-lapse
* Multi-channel overlay
* Easy to use LAS AF interface
* Multi-channel image acquisition
* Single line measurements, micron marker
* Annotations
* Retrieve experiments from experiment tree
* Save data in lif format, TIF, jpg or avi
* Control of all camera parameters like exposure, gain, binning, bit resolution

Multi-channel overlay
Multi-channel overlay images can easily be generated with the Leica AF6000 E. Just define the fluorescence or transmitted light channels, acquisition parameters like exposure time of the camera and start the image acquisition. All channels will be displayed in the image viewer and are stored automatically in the corresponding experiment folder. By the click of a button the images are displayed as overlay images.

2D time lapse
Create a multi-channel 2D time-lapse experiment by activating the t-button in the Leica LAS AF user interface. The experiment can run at a minimum time interval suggested by the system or at a user defined time interval. The experiment runs until the number of user defined time cycles or a user defined duration time is reached. With the choice "acquire until stop" the experiment runs until stopped by the user.

An upgrade to higher AF6000 software versions is possible via upgrade kits!