Leica EZ4 Educational Stereomicroscope

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Leica EZ4 Educational Stereomicroscope

The new Leica E-series stands out from the crowd of educational stereomicroscopes by offering the best value for money and the following features: Leica's typical high image quality, color and detail fidelity, mechanical precision for decades of maintenance-free functionality, precise zoom and focusing systems for the most exact control, power LED illumination system for incident and transmitted light. Our unique Leica 3-way incident light technology on all Leica EZ4 models provides observers of a wide variety of objects - from strongly structured objects to flat probes - with optimal illumination to obtain a maximum of information. The integrated LEDs can be switched individually, dimmed and combined with transmit­ted light. The membrane switch that controls the illuminator is inte­grated in the base and has a watertight seal.

Key Features

* Zoom ratio 4.4:1 provides magnification range from 8-35x
* (with 10x eyepieces)
* 3 Versions available:
-- integrated 10x/20 high eyepoint eyepieces
-- integrated 16x/15 high eyepoint eyepieces
-- open eyetubes
* Eyetube angle of 60° is optimized for user comfort
* 100 mm working distance allows easy access to specimens
* Integrated LED illumination system for incident and transmitted light
* 25,000 hours service life for LED's
* No removable parts for highest reliability and less chance of broken or lost parts
* Integrated universal power supply from 100V to 240V