Leica FS CB Comparison Microscope

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Leica FS CB Comparison Microscope

The Leica FS CB is a motorized comparison bridge which can be configured with Leica Laboratory (DM2500 series) or University Level (DM E, DM EP) Microscopes. The Bridge features a built-in ergonomic observation tube for maximum viewing comfort. Various imaging modes (split image, superimposed image and combined image) can be set at the press of a button. These ergonomic work scenarios are ideally suited for all microscopic applications that require a direct side by side comparison. The configurations enable high precision comparison of two objects at magnifications up to 1500x allowing you to visualize the tiniest differences in their microstructure, texture and colour.

Key Features

* Compact footprint
* Motorized bridge
* cost effective setup
* matched optics
* ergonomic work scenario
* homogeneous illumination through fiber optics system (DM 2500 Series and above)
* colour-neutral bridge optics
* large field of view

All the usual contrasting techniques such as brightfield, fluorescence and polarization are provided and can be easily applied. Note that while the FS CB configured with the Leica DM 2500 Series microscopes is suitable for a Lab with a tight budget, configurations with the DM E or DM EP are exclusive for Classroom use.