Leica EC3 Digital Color Camera

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Leica EC3 Digital Color Camera

The Leica EC3 is an affordable high speed digital color camera that offers fast, real-time imaging of up to 15 frames per second. When combined with a Leica microscope and used in conjunction with the included LAS EZ software, it is the perfect solution for performing a variety of imaging tasks such as annotations, calibrations, and image measurements. The real time speed of the Leica EC3 camera means that training on microscopic techniques is now effortless. Live or captured images can optionally be displayed in full-screen mode on a computer monitor to ensure visibility. Furthermore, the Leica EC3`s high 3.1 mMegapixel resolution produces excellent images, which makes the camera the perfect choice for visual presentation.

Key Features

* Capture high-resolution color images of 3.1 Megapixels
* Powerful camera controls including shading correction and optional predefined illumination settings
* Create quality images for use in PowerPointTM presentations, lab reports, and course related material
* Images can be posted on websites or intranets for easy sharing
* Single camera cable connects to USB2 port
* Archive standard and unusual specimens
* Easy connection to all c-mounts -video adapters
* Use with external projectors.