Leica FS4000 Comparison Microscope

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Leica FS4000 Comparison Microscope

The Leica FS4000 combines the latest optomechanical knowledge in the field of light microscopy with unequalled user friendliness and ergonomy in an integrated solution, allowing the user to concentrate totally on his work and achieve highly precise and efficient results.

The Leica FS4000 enables high precision comparison of two objects at magnifications up to 1500x, supplying reliable evidence of the tiniest differences in their microstructure, texture and color. All the usual contrasting techniques such as brightfield, fluorescence and polarization are provided and can be selected in a fraction of a second. Various imaging modes (split image, superimposed image and combined image) can be set at the press of a button.

Key Features

* Automated comparison bridge with one button control of all functions, built-in tilting ergo tube, colour neutral beam splitter prism in bridge, separate control unit for bridge functions
* Based on two modified Leica DigitalMicroscope stands equipped with Variolux, the Leica system for perfect colour balance in both light paths
* One button control and selection of contrast method on each microscope stand
* Illumination manager for Auto Köhler illumination from 12.5x to 1500x total magnification
* Two status displays for exact match of illumination conditions
* CCIC for colour neutral intensity adjustment in both transmitted light paths

Bridge functions and comparison modes
The automated comparison bridge provides one button control of all functions: full left and right image, split image mode with variable dividing line (width and position), superimposed image mode. Together with the Variolux system, the new, colour neutral beam splitter prism in bridge provides highest optical fidelity. And, last but not least to mention, the built-in tilting ergo tube for relaxed and effective working.

Clarity Wherever You Look
All the settings of both Leica DM4000 stands can be seen at a glance in the clearly laid out display. All functions and controls are in easy reach for the user. To give an example: switching from brightfield to fluorescence involves only pushing one button behind the focus knob of each microscope. All necessary adjustments are set automatically without further interaction with the user. As a result, the speed and efficiency of comparison microscopy tasks is increased.

Variable Function Keys
You can assign any function you like to the six new function keys of each microscope. Due to their convenient position behind the focus wheels, frequently used functions are always within easy reach.

Illumination – bringing light into the dark
The Leica FS4000 is equipped with the most advanced illumination system on the market. All adjustments are performed automatically, according to the objective and contrast method in use. This means, that the user does not have to worry about setting Koehler conditions when ever changing the objective- it is done automatically which saves time and optimises results.
The new 1.25x objective gives brilliant, homogeneous images - even in fluorescence - which allows convenient selection of interesting areas on the sample.

The Choice Is Yours. Now and in the Future.
To go with the new Leica DigitalMicroscopes we offer a new software concept which allows you to upgrade your system at any time. All future software and hardware components of Leica Microsystems will be controlled from the same interface.

Individual Microscope Configuration and Control
The user interface is extremely easy to use. Function keys, contrasting techniques and other microscope parameters are easily configured on the computer in accordance with your preferences or the needs of your working environment.
Operator errors are practically impossible, which is particularly important in a routine environment. You can also use the software to remote-control your microscope.