Leica Q550 IW General Imaging Workstation

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Leica Q550 IW General Imaging Workstation

The Leica Q550IW or the IW, imaging workstation is designed for demanding quantitative microscopy applications. Running with Leica QWin software it offers a complete imaging solution for image analysis and image processing. With the closest possible integration of microscope functions it improves laboratory productivity through the automation of routine tasks. The workstation combines modular software and the latest microscope technology to deliver optimised solutions for a wide range of quantitative imaging applications.

Key Features

* Superior Imaging Solutions - intelligent system integration, extensive application experience and friendly accessible technical support.
* Unrivalled Versatility - range of software to meet any application or budget, compatible with all microscope techniques. Digital, video, CCD and many other specialist cameras can be selected to produce optimised images.
* Single source supply - combines Leica QWin image analysis software, Leica Digital Cameras and Leica Microscopes to provide a fully integrated total Leica solution.
* Powerful PC based technology - allows easy data exchange with other programs and benefits from continual performance improvement.

A high-resolution, fully integrated image analysis workstation with a powerful and extensive set of image processing capabilities. Designed to ensure the highest possible precision and reliability for quantitative microscopy, the Leica Q550 IW has unlimited potential and performance with a specification that can be tailored to meet your application needs.

Leica QWin, at the heart of the Leica Q550 IW, provides image processing and measurement functions. Leica QWin can use virtually any imaging technique, including Leica microscopes, which can be fully automated. Leica QWin gives professional results, performing objective and consistent analysis of representative samples, whilst significantly reducing user time and effort.

The capabilities of any imaging workstation are defined by customer selectable configurations. The systems use the latest PC environment, which is adaptable in terms of performance and specification. The Leica Imaging Workstations are compatible with a range of monochrome and colour CCD TV and digital cameras, which offer unrivalled performance, providing maximum flexibility in terms of resolution and sensitivity.

The Leica Q550 IW has unrivalled performance and is best suited to applications requiring rapid analysis or high sample throughput with unsupervised operation. The quick and easy integration of any Leica microscope can be combined with automation facilities to allow rapid and consistent analysis of representative samples, without taxing an operator's endurance and objectivity.