Roland C-190 Portable Classical Organ

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Roland C-190 Portable Classical Organ

Ideal for organists who desire great sounds and features in a portable instrument, the C-190 is stocked with coveted classical organ sounds, as well as 14 orchestral sounds. It features a powerful built-in speaker system and an extended 76-note keyboard, which allows the C-190 to function as a "virtual dual-manual" keyboard, with individually defined upper and lower sections. The ample 128 voices of polyphony lets players perform in confidence without fear of note dropout. The C-190 also allows organists to create extended layers and zones for combination sounds never before possible on previous models.

* 76-note keyboard (to simulate 2-manual performance)
* 128 voice-polyphony
* PCM samples from Roland GS and Rodgers sound library
* 43 Total Organ voices, 14 velocity-sensitive orchestral voices
* Tremulant, reverb, and Windchest Panning
* 28 demo songs (4 banks: Weddings, Orchestra, Variety, Bach)
* Easy connection to external pedalboard (PK-5/7/25)
* 20W built-in amplifier and speakers with Digital Bass Enhancer

Classical Organ Sounds
The C-190 features 43 high-quality organ sounds based on the Roland/Rodgers library, featuring samples of historic European church organs. The organ sounds can be conveniently accessed in realtime via the 13 front-panel tilt tabs; the 14 orchestral sounds can be selected via dedicated switches.

Orchestral Sounds
More than just high-quality organ sounds, the C-190's authentic orchestral sounds can be played via each virtual manual plus pedals. Add an optional pedalboard, and turn the C-190 into a full-console organ akin to a church pipe organ.

Windchest Panning
Also of note is the C-190's unique Windchest Panning feature, which recreates the sound of a classic church environment by simulating the physical location of pipes for each note played. Each note will emanate from its own unique location in the stereo soundfield — just like a true pipe organ!