Hitachi GS2000-B Series Broadband Access Routers

Hitachi Updated: 2007-10-02
Hitachi GS2000-B Series Broadband Access Routers

With switching capacities ranging from 2 to 16 Gbps, four GR2000-B models offer broadband services in settings from the branch or home office to the ISP edge. Packaged in a small 1U or 2U chassis, the GR2000-B series offers big router features, such as hardware-based packet processing, filtering, and QoS control. And, as with all Hitachi GR-series routers, full IPv6 compatibility in designed in.

GR2000-B routers will fit into your operation most effectively as:

• CPE and broadband service expansion for branch offices or small/home businesses.
• MPLS or edge router (especially GbE accommodation) for the ISP edge.

The GR2000-B series of Gigabit routers makes it easy to expand broadband services, such as wide-area Ethernet and IP-VPN to guaranteed networks. They are essential components in achieving high-reliability, high-quality IP networks at branch offices and small enterprises, and at the ISP edge.

Starting with an architecture based on that used for the HITACHI GR2000 series of Gigabit routers deployed worldwide, the GR2000-B series offers the same level of performance and flexibility, but at a smaller size and cost. Careful manufacturing and stable, proven software ensures the utmost in reliability and value.

The GR2000-B series supports a number of high-speed/Gigabit LAN and WAN interfaces (up to OC-3 speeds) – an ideal platform for CPE deployment at the enterprise and service provider edge.

The GR2000-B series comes with integrated 10/100 Ethernet providing up to 4 ports. Also, as Gigabit Ethernet fast becomes the defacto standard for Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs), corporate WANs and campus backbones as a cost effective approach to traditional ATM and SONET rings, the GR2000-B’s support of Gigabit interfaces allows for even greater flexibility in this environment.

With all GR2000-B models, the combination of their exceptional performance, small size, and traditional HITACHI ruggedness makes them ideal solutions for deployment in small and mid-size point of presence (POPs) where rack space is limited.

GR2000-B Applications

HITACHI offers four GR2000-B models. They deliver exceptional wire-speed per-port performance ranging from 1 to 3 Mpps to allow you to more tightly focus the router’s capabilities to your own applications. The GR2000-1B and GR2000-2B are perfect for upgrading branch offices and small businesses for broadband services. The GR2000-B+ and larger GR2000-BH are full-route capable and provide enhancements specifically for ISP Gigabit edge interconnects.

Key Features and Benefits

No other router in the GR2000-B’s class offers so much in such small packages. For a complete description, see GR2000-B Series Features. Here are just few highlights of the GR2000-B feature set:

High-speed routing through hardware. The GR2000-B processes packets in hardware, which is much faster and more consistent than competing 1U-sized routers using software processing alone.

Hardware-based filtering and QoS control. Filtering and QoS (Quality of Service) controls are also performed in hardware. This enables ultra high-speed packet forwarding even in an operational environment where you must increase the filtering/QoS load.

Advanced QoS/DiffServ control features. Fine-tuned and precise control of communication quality is necessary for time-critical applications, such as VoIP or streaming video applications. Using the GR2000-B series ensures efficient transmission of real-time traffic without worrying that the quality of your other traffic will deteriorate as a result.

Built-in IPv6 compatibility. The GR2000-B series is in the world’s smallest class of IPv6 routers, designed from the start to provide unequivocal IPv6 support. The GR2000-B supports various network types ranging from Gigabit Ethernet and ATM OC-3 to networks using high-speed digital interfaces.