Kodak Versamark DS6240 Printing System

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Kodak Versamark DS6240 Printing System

The KODAK VERSAMARK DS6240 Printing System is a 4.27 inch (10.84 cm) digital printing system that features resolutions of 240 x 240 dots per inch (dpi) at speeds up to 1000 feet per minute (300 meters per minute). This combination of speed, resolution and print width makes the DS6240 an extremely flexible, variable data imprinting solution for ticket, tag and label, direct mail, transactional printing, forms, packaging and other commercial printing and spot color applications. It is ideal for personalization, graphics, addressing, barcoding, numbering and logos.

Selected features and benefits

* 4.27" print width
* Stitch up to four DH6240 printheads for a total print width of 17.08"
* Available in three models – 100 mpm, 150 mpm, and 300 mpm
* 240 x 240 dpi
* Fully integrated system controlled from a single point of operation
* Wide variety of ink colors to choose from for color matching

KODAK VERSAMARK CS410 System Controller with Windows XP-based operator  interface with integrated data prep software

* Control from one to sixteen print stations.

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* Commercial Printing
* Packaging