Kodak Versamark DS7122 Printing System

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Kodak Versamark DS7122 Printing System

With the capability to print on a wide variety of substrates, the KODAK VERSAMARK DS7122 Printing System gives you the freedom to print like never before. The flexible options of the DS7122 make it ideal for mailing, bindery and plastic-card applications, opening up new opportunities for your customers and your business.

Selected features and benefits

* Capability to print on a variety of substrates, including metals, plastics, coated papers and films for greater printing flexibility

* Quick-drying inks with 100% water permanence to maximize your printing efficiency

* One-button startup for quicker print production

* User-friendly, feature-rich KODAK VERSAMARK CS150 System Controller with MAILSCAPE XP software for easier operation

* Modular design for easy upgrades

* 2.13" print width

* Print resolutions of 120 x 240 dpi at 500 fpm (152 mpm) or 120 x 120 dpi at 1,000 fpm (304 mpm)