BenQ SP820 Projector

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BenQ SP820 Projector

BenQ's SP820 is a superb choice for those who need a XGA projector that can reliably provide a bright, clearly viewable picture in virtually any environment. Its wide array of useful features are not only elegantly implemented, but are easily accessible through a well-thought out interface. It's perfect for business users' presentations and a classroom teacher's lectures alike—in fact, for any application where even large audiences can be ensured of a great view regardless of a room's light levels. For a projector that can perform to your requirements regardless of the application or venue, the SP820 is just right.

More Lumens, Brighter Images
The extraordinarily clear, bright images that the SP820 delivers are sure to light up a smile on any viewer. The SP820 achieves stellar results through a combination of its powerful lamp, excellent contrast ratio, and exclusive BenQ technologies.

Extra-Bright Projection Lamp (4,000 ANSI Lumens)
An extremely powerful projection lamp, rated at a full 4,000 ANSI lumens, makes the SP820 capable of displaying a bright, easily viewed image even in a lighted room.

High Contrast Ratio
The SP820's high 2000:1 contrast ratio ensures a vividly rendered picture, bringing out details even in darkly lit scenes.

Enhanced Color Wheel Design
Drawing on cognitive science research, BenQ has refined the five-segment color wheel to optimize color rendition for human visual perception.

Independent Color Management
This feature allows you to adjust six colors for hue and saturation levels individually, achieving exactly the color balance you desire.

Made for You
The SP820 offers an extensive range of features that will delight you with for the added convenience and ease of use they bring. You'll work more efficiently and enjoy yourself more by taking advantage of BenQ's thoughtful design touches.

Digital Zoom
The SP820's handy digital zoom makes it easy to enlarge specific portions of the picture, whether it's to emphasize a point in a presentation or examine details in a photo.

Power On/Off Ring Tone
The SP820 spares you the hassle of visually monitoring its status, notifying you with a discreet tone when it's warmed up and ready to use, or cooled down and ready for unplugging.

Transparent OSD Menu
The SP820's on-screen menu offers adjustable levels of transparency, allowing you to set them so you can view the full picture content even when accessing controls.

Convenient Hand Grip
The elegantly integrated handle on the SP820 makes it easy to carry the projector from room or to transport it when traveling off-site.

Five Application Modes
Five preset modes make getting picture settings optimized for specific types of content—such as a presentation or movie—virtually instantaneous.

Convenient Foot Adjustment
A jog dial on the side of the SP820 makes it a snap to raise and lower the projector with just a swipe of the fingers.

Easily Accessible Lamp Door
A lamp door positioned on the top surface of the SP820 means changing the projection lamp is quick and easy—and not an ordeal as it is on most projectors.

The SP820 provides ports for key interfaces, so you can connect the most common types of video sources, whether analog or digital.