Ricoh Caplio 500G wide Digital Camera

Ricoh Updated: 2007-07-04
Ricoh Caplio 500G wide Digital Camera

Optical 3x Zoom 28mm-85mm
Effective 8.13 Megapixel CCD
10m-range flash unit
Camera shake blur reduction

The user-friendly Caplio 500G wide made durable for demanding environments.
Meet the demanding requirements of construction site photography with Caplio 500G wide. You can easily shoot clear photos with its renowned 28mm wide-angle zoom lens, 10m-range flash unit, and camera shake blur reduction. Plus high resistance to water, dust and shock let you focus on the scene without worrying about damaging the camera.

Wide coverage with 28mm wide-angle zoom lens
Ricoh’s 28mm wide-angle zoom lens can capture larger areas than the 35mm lenses of conventional digital cameras. When there is limited space to maneuver, you can more easily capture an entire building or construction site with Caplio 500G wide.

Water, dust, bumps, and cold temperatures are no problem!
The compact Caplio 500G wide is much tougher than most other digital cameras. Durably built with reinforced glass shielding over the lens and strategically placed body protectors, it can withstand drops from heights of up to one meter. JIS protection grade 7 allows shooting in the rain or underwater to a depth of one meter, and JIS protection grade 6 prevents small particles from entering the body at dusty construction sites. You can even shoot at temperatures as low as -10 centigrade.

Large, easy-to-view 2.5-inch LCD screen
The large LCD screen features an anti-reflection coating for clearer viewing in daylight outdoors. You can easily adjust screen brightness to optimize image clarity.There is also an optical viewfinder, so you can use whichever is right for the situation, for more reliable photography.

Reliable 3-way power supply
Many hours of dependable shooting are yours with the high-capacity lithium-ion rechargeable battery. If it runs out of power, simply pop in widely available AA batteries. An AC adapter(option) is also provided for use when AC power is available.

Camera shake blur reduction
Caplio 500G wide effectively reduces camera shake blur by combining high ISO settings with fast shutter speeds. Now you can shoot with greater confidence in dark situation.

Powerful built-in flash
The built-in flash unit allows clearer shooting in a wider range of situations. Its powerful illumination extends 10 meters in wide-angle shots and 6.5 meters in telephoto shots.

USB2.0 High Speed support
Transferring large-volume image data from the camera to your PC is fast and easy with the provided USB cable. Enjoy single-action transfers, once bundled software is installed in your PC, or use Mass Storage Mode.

Vivid 1cm macro photography
Capture subjects as close as 1cm away in the macro wide-angle mode or 10cm away in the tele-macro mode. The built-in flash unit illuminates subjects as close as 20cm from the camera.

Large buttons and dials
All buttons and dials are large enough to ensure you can easily operate the camera even when wearing gloves.

Skew correction mode
This mode transforms trapezoids into rectangles. For example, a signboard shot at an angle can be corrected to appear as if shot directly from the front, for easier reading.

Two-point neck strap
The two-point neck strap lets you carry Caplio 500G wide securely around your neck for easy shooting when desired and less bouncing around.