Ricoh Caplio RZ1 Digital Camera

Ricoh Updated: 2007-07-04
Ricoh Caplio RZ1 Digital Camera

CCD 4.0 effective-megapixel CCD,
ZOOM 3x, 35~105mm optical zoom
Quick Response Top shutter release time lag 0.003 seconds

At last, a camera that shows your true colors-the new Ricoh Caplio RZ1.

It’s always easy to find a digital camera with the latest specifications and functions. But where is the one that also coordinates with your mood?
Introducing the new Ricoh Caplio RZ1, the digital camera that shows your true colors in every way.It’s simply stylish. And fully loaded—4.0-megapixel resolution, a top shutter speed of 0.003 seconds, 1cm macros and much more. Get the Caplio RZ1, the perfect accessory for any occasion.

Stylish shape conforms to your hand.
Slim. Curvaceous. A perfect match.

One camera, many styles.
Introducing the digital camera that wears its colors like clothes. With five color panels, you can change your camera's look to suit your mood. One camera. Six different styles.The Caplio RZ1.

New style meets stress-free.
Remember those times when your digital camera's shutter operated too slowly and its battery always ran down too quickly?
Say hello to the future.

Even far away, you can still get close. 35~105mm optical zoom multiplied by digital zoom puts you 10.8x closer.
The Caplio RZ1 has a 3x optical zoom, stretching from wide-angle 35mm up to 105mm. Its 3.6x digital zoom takes you the extra distance, giving you a 10.8x total zoom range (35~378mm).Move in close enough to capture the smiles in their eyes.

Turn common flowers into rare art with 1cm macro photography.
The Caplio RZ1 opens the door to the magical world of macro photography. Move in as close as 1cm and capture rarely seen beauty from even the most familiar objects.

4.0 effective-megapixel CCD provides the high image quality you need to capture beautiful expressions.
The new Caplio RZ1’s high-precision 4.0 effective-megapixel CCD expands your power of expression. Even an 8 x 10 enlargement of this picture of the bride and groom retains stunning beauty.

Introducing Ricoh’s faster, more accurate image processor.
At the center of the Caplio RZ1’s superior performance and design is Ricoh’s new image processor, the Smooth Imaging Engine. It processes images at very high speed using little power, and in tandem with the 4.0 effective-megapixel CCD, produces images of impressive power and expression. The Caplio RZ1 shows the future of Ricoh digital cameras.

Expand your creativity: 1cm macro photography with AF Target Selection produces beautiful blurring effects.
Here’s a better way to keep your camera still while shooting up close: Fix your Caplio RZ1 on a tripod and use AF Target Selection to shift the focus point with buttons on the camera. Now you have the freedom to get the macro shot you want.

Her expression comes once in a lifetime. The Caplio RZ1 responds in 0.003 seconds to capture it.
From focus lock (engaged by pressing down the shutter button halfway) the Caplio RZ1’s maximum shutter response time is a remarkably fast 0.003 seconds.