Ricoh Caplio R3 Digital Camera

Ricoh Updated: 2007-07-04
Ricoh Caplio R3 Digital Camera

28-200mm optical 7.1x zoom
Vibration Correction function
Long-lasting battery power Approx. 310 shots
Effective megapixel 5.13 CCD
Approx. 135g

High-power 28-200mm optical 7.1x zoom lens, new Vibration Correction function, and much more.

Wide-angle 28mm delivers dynamic perspectives.
Ricoh's Caplio digital cameras are famous for delivering wide-angle 28mm perspectives that are impossible to capture with a common 35mm camera. Dynamic 28mm shows its strength especially in expansive scenes like stadiums and large buildings. Wide angle also enables you to achieve creative effects by, for instance, exaggerating the size of your subject relative to background objects. Best of all, the Caplio R3 is so slim and lightweight that this dazzling power of expression slips conveniently in your pocket.

200mm zoom enables unique framing. Vibration Correction function adjusts for handshake.
The Caplio R3 is the world's slimmest and most compact high-power zoom lens digital camera*. With its 28mm-200mm 7.1x optical zoom lens, you have infinite possibilities for framing shots. For instance, make your subject stand out majestically from the background. Plus, the new Caplio R3 has a Vibration Correction function that helps to deliver sharp zoom pictures free from the blurry effects of handshake.

Advanced features for discerning photographers fit in an astonishingly slim and compact form.

Ricoh focuses on giving photographers the ideal combination of advanced technology and compact size.
From its powerful 28-200mm optical zoom lens to its large, bright LCD monitor, the 26mm-slim Caplio R3 embodies this pursuit.

Double Retracting LENS System makes space for the 28-200mm zoom lens.
Ricoh's original Double Retracting LENS System enables a 7.1x optical zoom range-wide-angle 28mm to 200mm zoom-to fit inside a slim 26mm body.

Vibration Correction function.
Vibration Correction detects camera movement occurring from handshake when the shutter button is pressed and then automatically makes a corrective adjustment. you're see the difference most clearly in your zoom and macro photos. Switch this feature ON or OFF at the touch of a button.

Newly designed grip for improved hand fit.
The Caplio R3 feels and looks like a great camera should. Its clean bodylines offer a look of innovation while conforming smoothly to your hand.