Ricoh Caplio R2 Digital Camera

Ricoh Updated: 2007-07-04
Ricoh Caplio R2 Digital Camera

CCD Effective Megapixel 5.02 CCD
ZOOM Super 28-135mm optical 4.8x zoom
Quick Response Top shutter release time lag: approx. 0.06 seconds

The expansive appeal of wide-angle 28mm.

Set your camera to 28mm wide angle and get the full panoramic perspective. See how the Caplio R2 has captured both reflections from this ship on the shimmering sea and the magnificently lit buildings in the background. Think dynamically. Shoot wide angle. And preserve your memories.

More range: The optical 4.8x zoom covers wide-angle 28mm to 135mm.
Rising high above a central business district, this twin-tower building makes a powerful impression on all passersby. With its array of vertical and horizontal lines providing the appearance of a giant mosaic, this landmark Tokyo building is a majestic presence. Set the Caplio R2's field of view to wide-angle 28mm to capture this magnificent structure stretching high into the sky.   Zoom in on the twin-tower building at 135mm and suddenly you see a completely different place. What are those seven round objects? Parabolic antennas? Now is the moment when you see the true power of the Caplio R2's zoom lens. Combined with digital zoom, the optical 4.8x zoom lens brings you an amazing 17.3x closer to your subject.

5-step zoom lets you quickly choose the right focal length.
When you need to frame a shot fast, switch on the step zoom function and you can quickly zoom to any of the five preset optical focal lengths: 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm or 135mm. With the new Caplio R2 you get more range and the flexibility to focus fast.

Never miss a shot with the Caplio R2.
With its 25.8mm thin profile, the Caplio R2 easily slips in and out of a pocket. Even when you're strolling the streets, you're practically ready to shoot. What's most amazing about the Caplio R2 is how much advanced technology fits inside its compact body. Like a wide-angle 28-135mm optical 4.8x zoom lens. Covering a wide range of scenes, it's the ideal travel companion. The Caplio R2 also has a big, bright 2.5-inch LCD monitor with adjustable brightness, so you can review your pictures better under sunlight. For convenience, you can even adjust the size of the text and icons on the monitor. Key control buttons are arranged next to the LCD monitor for intuitive operation. The Caplio R2 -- it's like having a personal photo assistant.

Durable long-lasting power.Approximately 500 shoots*1 on a single charge.
We offer you three ways to power your Caplio R2: the included rechargeable battery, AA alkaline batteries or the AC adapter. Choose the best power source for the situation. With the rechargeable battery, you have enough power for up to about 500 shots*1. On AA alkaline batteries it's possible to shoot about 200 pictures*2. Travelling? Recharge your battery and keep AA batteries as a backup and you go with confidence. Among the Caplio R2's energy-saving features is a synchro monitor function that switches off the LCD monitor when the camera is not in operation.

"Big" technology. Small camera.
With power off, the Caplio R2 is flat and 25.8mm thin, so it will slip easily into your pocket. Ricoh's Retracting LENS System ingeniously stores the high zoom lens inside the slim body. Other advanced technology includes a 5.02-megapixel CCD paired with four lenses made of low-dispersion glass with a high refractive index. Ricoh s advanced image processing system, the Smooth Imaging Engine, delivers the twin benefits of high-speed image processing and low energy consumption. Now you can enjoy natural color reproduction from a camera that's compact and easy to use.