Ricoh Caplio R1 Digital Camera

Ricoh Updated: 2007-07-04
Ricoh Caplio R1 Digital Camera

CCD 4.0 effective-megapixel
ZOOM 4.8x, 28~135mm Wide Zoom
Quick Response Top shutter release time lag 0.05 seconds

Wide 28~135mm optical 4.8x zoom in a slim 25mm camera.
Advanced performance in a simple form.

A camera with the power to move you
Whether you're talking about a camera or any other advanced technology, simplicity of design is often the truest sign of quality.
The Ricoh Caplio R1 combines superior performance with a simply elegant flat aluminum body.
Superior performance is delivered through a wide-angle 28mm~135mm optical zoom lens and features like unmatched shutter response time and 1cm macro shooting.
Stretch your imagination. That's how far the Caplio R1 can carry you.

5-step zoom for instant zoom selection.
Switch on the step zoom function and you can quickly zoom to any of the five preset optical focal lengths: 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, or 135mm.

The Caplio R1's 4.8x optical zoom expands the camera's wide angle to 28mm. For closing in on distant subjects, a 3.6x digital zoom boosts the total zoom range up to a maximum 17.3x (28~486mm). And you get all that power inside a camera just 25mm slim.
The technology behind the Caplio R1's ultra-thin body is Ricoh's revolutionary Retracting Lens System. When the lens retracts, the lens group on the body side swings like a pendulum, storing the 4.8x zoom lens in minimum space.

Fast, fast and fast-the triple response for capturing the precise moment
The most serious shortcoming of digital cameras to date has been shutter release time lag, the time it takes for your camera to actually capture an image after you press the shutter button. The Caplio R1 makes that a shortcoming of the past.
Switch on the power: You're ready to shoot in approximately 0.8 seconds. Snap your picture: Shutter release time lag is as little as 0.05 seconds (even faster is the approximately 0.003 seconds shutter response time from focus lock, which is engaged when you press the shutter button halfway). Ready for your next shot? The Caplio R1 resets in about 0.9 seconds. In other words, the Caplio R1 gives you triple response-fast, fast and fast.

Ricoh's faster, more accurate image processor
At the center of the Caplio R1's superior performance and design is Ricoh's new image processor, the Smooth Imaging Engine. It processes images at a very high speed using little power, and in tandem with the 4.0 effective-megapixel CCD, produces images of impressive power and expression. The Caplio R1 shows the future in Ricoh digital cameras.