Ricoh Caplio R4 Digital Camera

Ricoh Updated: 2007-07-04
Ricoh Caplio R4 Digital Camera

Optical 7.1x Zoom 28mm[Wide Angle]-200mm[Zoom]
CCD Shift Vibration Correction Function
Effective 6.04 Megapixel CCD
330 Shots Per Battery Charge*1
New Brighter, High-quality 2.5-inch LCD Monitor (153,000 Pixels)
0.007 Sec. Shutter Release Time Lag*2
1cm Macro
Skew Correction Function

Capture the moment as desired with the Optical 7.1x Wide Zoom Lens

28mm [wide]: Casual panoramic landscapes become unexpectedly dynamic
In pursuit of more dynamic expression, Ricoh incorporated a 28mm wide-angle optical 7.1x zoom lens in the 26mm slim body. This lens is capable of capturing the true beauty of wide-open landscapes that can’t be portrayed with the 35mm lenses of many compact digital cameras today. Moreover, when shooting close-ups, the emphasized sense of perspective lets you easily achieve dramatic photos. With Caplio R4, casual moments during trips become vivid images.

200mm [zoom]: Zoom in to capture all the subtle details of your subject
As for tele-shooting, Caplio R4 offers a maximum 200mm setting, enabling you to frame the scene in creative ways. By using various framing techniques, you can make objects stand out from the background. Plus, the new Caplio R4 incorporates the latest CCD shift Vibration Correction Function, which helps deliver sharp zoom pictures by reducing blur caused by camera shake.

Digital performance beyond what you’d expect from a compact camera

Vibration Correction Function: Zooming is enhanced by reduced camera shake blur
CCD-shift Vibration Correction Function

Whenever excessive camera motion is detected, the vibration correction system (based on the CCD shift method) moves the CCD in the opposite direction to counterbalance camera shake and reduce blur. This function is effective at reducing the effects of camera shake in high-powered telephoto and macro shots, thus maximizing the effectiveness of Caplio R4's optical 7.1x zoom and 1cm macro features.

1cm [macro mode] Macro photography from an astonishing new perspective
Ricoh’s proven macro photography technology lets you shoot from as close as 1cm (wide angle) or 14cm (telemacro) away from your subject, expanding your vision into the amazing world of macro photography, which cannot be experienced with the naked eye. By combining the zoom macro mode with digital zoom, you can also enlarge tiny subjects, making Macro photography even more exciting.

AF Target Selection
This feature enables you to focus sharply on a certain object within the frame without moving the camera. By determining the optimum field of view, and taking into consideration such information as the size and contrast of the object, this feature raises focusing accuracy even during macro shooting.

Speedy Response: Capture picture-perfect moments with near-instantaneous response
Caplio R4 powers up in approximately 1.1 seconds*. From the instant the focus is locked (half pressed) until exposure actually starts, it only takes approximately 0.007 seconds*. Response time without locking the focus is as fast as 0.09 seconds (approx.). And shooting intervals are a rapid 0.5 seconds (approx.). Through refined digital technology, Ricoh provides fast, highly responsive performance that allows you to capture fleeting moments with confidence and ease.