Ricoh Caplio GX Digital Camera

Ricoh Updated: 2007-07-04
Ricoh Caplio GX Digital Camera

CCD 5.13 effective-megapixel
ZOOM 3x, 28~85mm Wide Zoom
Exposure Mode Aperture Priority and Manual Exposure modes
Quick Response The world's fastest shutter release time log of only 0.12 seconds

A Compact Digital Camera Enters the Professional Arena.

There simply hasn't been a compact digital camera suitable for professionals. The Caplio GX changes that with its 5.13 effective-megapixel CCD, 28 - 85 mm range and the world's fastest (0.12 seconds) shutter release time lag. It also features Aperture Priority and Manual Exposure modes, plus a wide range of functions and unmatched expandability. Providing the ability to captures scenes formerly possible only with a single lens reflex camera, the Caplio GX will fully satisfy the demands of professionals.

Image quality of 5.13 effective-megapixels meets the needs of serious photographers.
The Caplio GX features a 1/1.8-type high resolution CCD with 5.13 effective-megapixel resolution (total of 5.25 megapixels) that ensures excellent results in a wide range of shooting situations. The combination of this CCD and a low-noise, single-chip processor gives you the high image quality required for full-size A3-spread prints.

28 ~ 85mm optical 3x zoom transcends the boundaries of compact digital cameras.
The 3x optical zoom expands the camera's wide angle to 28 mm, a range difficult for other compact digital cameras to achieve. It lets you shoot wide images that couldn't be accommodated in the frame. In addition, Ricoh's new zoom lens utilizes 9 elements in 7 groups to guarantee adequate peripheral light, usually a problem at wide angle edges. Four aspherical lenses and four lenses with high refractive index and low dispersion are arranged to ensure well-balanced correction of aberration in all zoom ranges. The lens quality is comparable to a CCD having 6 or more megapixels.

Greater control than ordinary compact digital cameras: Aperture Priority and Manual Exposure modes.
You want delicate control over depth of field. Aperture priority mode gives it to you. Set it to open with the up-down dial and enjoy a wide range of depth with fine control. You are free to, for example, narrow the aperture to aim for pan-focus images. With a depth of field deeper than a single reflex lens, you can get well-focused images from directly in front of you to far away. And you can manually set the shutter speed from a high speed of 1/2000 to a long exposure of 30 seconds.

Delicate exposure correction for more subtle lighting effects.
When the contrast of the light is strong, or when you want a white object to be a little whiter or a black object a little blacker, correcting the exposure so it is slightly over or under results in beautiful images with more effective lighting and shading. The Caplio GX can correct exposure in 1/3 EV steps within a range of 2.0 EV.

The world's fastest shutter release time lag of only 0.12 seconds.
The most serious shortcoming of digital cameras has been the time lag until the shutter opens. The Caplio GX solves this problem with a Hybrid AF system that achieves extremely high speed response for the world's shortest release time lag of 0.12 seconds, approximately 1.2 seconds from the moment the power is turned on until it can take a picture, and an interval until the next picture can be taken of approximately 1.3 seconds. This means you'll never miss the photo opportunities that suddenly appear before your eyes.

The crystallization of Ricoh's detailed technology: 1cm macro.
Ricoh's highly advanced close-up photo technology lets you fully enjoy the world of macro photography, and now you can take macro shots as close as 1cm (Wide). Take pictures of newspaper and magazine articles instead of making notes, and experiment with new spheres of close-up photography, such as using precision handicrafts as objets d'art or making micro-art from insects and plants.

A unique function useful in creative work: AF Target Selection.
The AF Target Selection function gives you even more creative macro photography possibilities. With your camera fixed on a tripod, you can move the focus point freely to maintain focus. This prevents the slightly out of focus condition that often occurs in focus lock. The ability to control blurring when entering the micro world gives you new creative powers.

Close-up flash lets you soften light as close as 15cm.
A problem with macro photography has been that the camera or photographer can cast a shadow, making a flash necessary, but since flash intensity couldn't be adjusted, resulting in over exposured shots. The Caplio GX's close-up flash solves this problem by decreasing flash strength according to the distance from the subject. It provides illumination for shots as close as 15cm without causing white out, so you can softly photograph plants, small text and so on.

Six scene modes let you freely choose the optimum program.
With the Caplio GX, you can select six scene modes to match specific shooting demands: Portrait, Sports, Text, High-sensitivity, Night Scene and Landscape. They allow you to shoot smoothly in a variety of situations by operating a single button.

Not just a high performance digital camera, but the realization of a true expressive tool. Expandability nearly equal to that of a single lens reflex.
The expandability of the Caplio GX sets it apart from other compact digital cameras. In addition to the superb performance of the camera itself, whose goal is achieving the two concepts of high picture quality and ease of use, it is designed to be a complete system on the professional level.

System Configuration
The Caplio GX represents a new response from Ricoh to the high end class that could not be satisfied by conventional compact digital cameras. The goal was to create a complete system that makes it easy to shoot in all types of situations, by providing a broad selection of general purpose accessories.