Ricoh Caplio R5 Digital Camera

Ricoh Updated: 2007-07-04
Ricoh Caplio R5 Digital Camera

Ricoh's state of the art macro function achieves exceptional images and astounding expressiveness. Macro shots as close as 1cm *3 and close up shots as close as 14cm to the subject dramatically expand expressive range.

What's more, even with the camera fixed in place the focus point can be freely shi fted within the frame using AF Target Selection.

The CCD shift vibration correction function detects and compensates for camera shake caused by hand movement, which means far fewer shots ruined due to camera shake when shooting in zoom and macro or in dark locations.

Thanks to the new technology incorporated in the new SIEII excellent low-noise shots without flash in low-light conditions including indoor shots are achievable.

1.2 * second startup time. 0.09 * second full shutter release time and 0.007 * second half-shutter release time, and 0.5 * until the next shutter release. Rapid shutter response means never missing a snapshot opportunity.

In our quest for even better image quality, the Caplio R5 is equipped with effective 7.24 mega-pixel CCD to ensure clear, high-quality images big enough to print A3 size or 29.7 x 42cm.

A new image-processing engine delivers rapid, high-volume processing exceptionally low noise images and high sensitivity upto ISO1600.

A large LCD that is easy to use even in outdoor conditions delivers high resolution, excellent wide- angle visibility, and high luminance.

The camera has a button that makes switching between exposure correction, white balance, ISO sensitivity and other functions depending on the image you want to shoot. The most frequently used settings can be saved.

You can enlarge icons on the monitor to make them easier to see. Enlarging flash, macro, exposure correction, and other settings makes it easier to check and make sure you have the settings you want.

The camera's lithium-ion rechargeable battery enables shooting up to 380* images even when using vibration correction and the LCD and means less worry about dead batteries when shooting during work or leisure. What's more, the camera's synchro monitor saves battery power by turning off the monitor when the camera is not in use.