Ricoh Caplio R6 Digital Camera

Ricoh Updated: 2007-07-04
Ricoh Caplio R6 Digital Camera

28mm WIDE
Experience the stunning interplay of time and light with 28mm wide angle photography.

200mm TELE
Record moments of beauty just as they are. Preserve forever the rich expression of a loved one in all its vividness.

Step Zoom & Auto Resize Zoom for more picture taking possibilities and greater expressive range.
The Caplio R6 includes an optional 7 automatic step zoom settings within the wide angle 28-200mm zoom range. Whats more, when going beyond 200mm optical 7.1x zoom, the 4-step*1 34.1x (960mm)*2 maximum Auto Resize Function enables picture taking at distances out of reach of normal zoom.

Experience the superior lens performance and cutting-edge zoom that is the hallmark of Ricoh optical technology.

Stand alone lens performance with Ricoh optical technology
Ricoh lenses include the latest coating technology to minimize ghost and flare. They also ensure excellent color balance and a high-quality image across the whole distance of a shot. The Caplio R6 uses an aspherical lens that corrects for all types of lens aberration and achieves excellent picture taking performance at all focal points and distances.

Double Retracting Lens System in a 20.6mm wide body
Ricoh's unique Double Retracting Lens System is what makes it possible for us to equip the Caplio R6 with 28-200mm optical 7.1x zoom. What's more design advances mean this outstanding technology fits inside a body a mere 20.6mm thick.

Smooth Imaging Engine II & high megapixel CCD
The Caplio R6 contains Ricoh's Smooth Imaging Engine for rapid image processing large amounts of image data with minimal noise. The camera also comes with an effective 7.24 megapixel CCD for accurately reproducing beautiful images. The Caplio R6 can also create beautiful highimage quality A3 size photographs.

Now saving those precious moments and memories is more fun and easy than ever.

Face Recognition Mode makes taking beautiful pictures easy
Face Recognition Mode automatically identifies faces in a scene, brings them into clear focus and corrects exposure while adjusting for optimal white balance.
Face Recognition Mode automatically adjusts to optimal settings even when a face is not in the center of the frame and can capture up to four faces in a single shot.

CCD shift hand vibration correction
When hand shake is detected the CCD moves to counterbalance the shake. An improved controlling algorithm reduces the hand shake that tends to occur when taking telephoto, macro, and other shots.