Genius MaxFighter F-23U V2 PC Joystick

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Genius MaxFighter F-23U V2 PC Joystick

Key features:

* Digital technology to enhance precision, speed and contro
* Eight software assignable buttons
* 3D virtual reality control system
* Full function with View finder, Throttle, Rudder
* Ergonomically designed hand grip reduces fatigue
* Auto detects digital or analog modes
* LED lights display on/off status
* Easy joystick and software installation

System Requirements:

* IBM Compatible PC with Pentium processor or faster
* Available USB port
* USB model requires available USB port and Windows XP/Me/2000/98

MaxFighter F-23U V2

* Trigger Button A: never miss a shot with the easy-fire trigger
* Throttle: The ultimate fingertip speed control
* View Finder: Adjust between multiple views with a touch of a button
* Rudder: Instant virtual reality 3D control gives you excitement
* Buttons B, C, D: Select these buttons for fights, weapon systems, and for other controls
* Four programmable buttons: Extend more selections for control and shot
* Fully supports CH FlightStick Pro
* Sturdy base keeps control stable
* Rotary trim control for X-Axis and Y-Axis under the base
* Six foot cable and metal connector
* USB connector into PC USB port (USB version)


* Multi-language manual for users
* Compatible with all games and game port
* Accurate performance for any game play
* Trigger Button shot never misses
* New technique design provides stable quality
* High quality control reduces failure rate
* Instant customer service gives full support