Genius Wireless Blaze Wireless PS2 Gamepad

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Genius Wireless Blaze Wireless PS2 Gamepad

The Genius Wireless Blaze is an innovative 2.4GHz wireless gamepad for PS2/PS one/PS systems that gives you the freedom to twist, turn, and move around up to 10 meters away without getting tangled up. Its size is perfect and comfortable for adults and children.

The advanced Turbo function gives you superior control especailly in action, fighting or shooting games. Additionally, the innovative Macro function lets you set a sequence of movements so you can do trick moves with just one touch of the control button.

If you're looking for a wireless controller alternative for your PS2, then the Wireless Blaze from Genius is the one you should have.

Key features:

* 2.4GHz RF wireless technology
* Freedom of movement - up to 10 meters
* Compatible with PS/PS one/PS2 Systems
* Turbo function key for superior control especially in action or shooting games
* Macro function for setting up combination moves, anybody can do trick moves
* Dual motor provides real vibration effects such as hits, explosions or crashes

Wireless Blaze
PS2/PS one/PS: Yes
PS2 Standard Gameport: Yes
L1,L2,L3&R1,R2,R3: Yes
Start/Select/Anolog bottons: Yes
Wireless: Yes(2.4GHz)
Vibration Feedback: Yes
Turbo Function: Yes
Marcro Function: Yes
Save Power mode: Yes
Batteries included: AAx2