Panasonic FCB3 Flip Chip

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Panasonic FCB3 Flip Chip

An accurate high-speed flip chip bonder, the FCB3 accommodates a variety of needs. From development to pre-production and multiple-model production, this machine offers outstanding functionality.

The FCB3 features a simultaneous recognition camera that ensures accurate bonding in continuous production. Additionally, the automatic calibration function corrects thermal changes over time, guaranteeing bonding accuracy of ± 3 _m/3 sigma during continuous production.

Ideal for medium to very fine pitch manufacturing.

Features & Benefits

* Flexible modular system accommodates various processes
* IC feed from both tray and wafer optimizes productivity
* Automatic tool changer with 4 input handles up to 38 types of ICs
* Wide component range - from 2" x 2" (up to 320 inputs) to 4" x 4" (up to 80 inputs)