Leica IC A Integrated Video Camera

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Leica IC A Integrated Video Camera

The Leica IC A is an ergonomic, reasonably priced, high-performance video camera for Leica M stereomicroscopes.

The Leica IC A opens up new horizons in industrial quality control, in the interpretation of thin section images, in education, in medicine, in the demonstration of images to large groups of people, and in digital post-processing.

Key Features

* Extremely easy installation
* Maximum sharpness and high image quality without vignetting and without reflexes
* Field coverage, centering and sharpness are the same on the monitor as through the binocular tube
* Basic settings are preadjusted to the requirements of microscopy
* User-defined settings for individual composing
* Freely-positionable window for individual exposure of details
* Easy operation, assisted by monitor menu

Detailed Description

The ability to see, to inspect and to correct images directly on the monitor and to record and to print them immediately, greatly expands the user benefits in terms of both ergonomics and versatility.

The ergonomic interchange between viewing through the binocular tube and on the TV monitor creates ideal working conditions. The Leica IC A video camera fits directly to the stereomicroscope, where it does not interfere with work at the stereomicroscope. The concentric alignment of the center of the chip to the center of the stereomicroscope ensures images of high quality right to the edge. The field coverage and the sharpness are the same on the monitor as through the eyepieces.

The Leica IC A is ideally matched to the requirements of the microscope application as regards image sharpness, brightness and colour rendering. The user can work with the factory-adjusted basic settings, or can compose the image in accordance with individual requirements. The changed parameters can be stored, and recalled at any time.
Four keys on the video module, coupled with the guidance menu displayed on the video monitor, make the unit extremely easy to use.