Leica MPS60 Analogue Photo System

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Leica MPS60 Analogue Photo System

The Leica MPS60 photoautomat enables the discriminating photomicrographer in industry, research, medicine and university, to produce reliable results under critical light conditions, notably with fluorescing specimens.

Key Features

* Linearity range at 100 ASA: 0.01 to 4200 seconds
* Integrated metering or by 1% spot
* Metering and exposure using 100% light
* Film speed ISO 12/12* to 12800/42*
* Exposure time 1/100 seconds to 99 minutes
* Variable exposure parameters
* Automatic functions
* Automatic or fixed-time mode exposure
* DX-coding
* 32-character data back

Detailed Description

The remarkably extended linear range up to 4200 seconds allows photographing faint objects and extremely fine structures accurately, even if the light signals are very weak. Precisely the 1% spot can measure finest structures. 100% of the light is directed to the film plane, ensuring minimum exposure times. The light is correctly metered for each colour, resulting in true colour rendering in the photograph.

A wide range of automatic functions and safety mechanisms make the work of the user fast, easy and reliable. The high level of automation offers the ambitious professional more scope for creativity, using the option of manual intervention.

For the reliable identification of photographs, the interchangeable 35mm magazine with data back allows the projection of a 32-character text on to the film, consisting of date, time, frame number, exposure data, individual texts.