Leica ULT500 Ultra Observer

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Leica ULT500 Ultra Observer

The Leica ULT500 (Leica Ultra Observer) is the new lightsaving solution for complete and flexible co-observation for all applications with the M525/M520/M500N optics carriers as in neurosurgery, spinal surgery or ENT.

A compact design allows better ergonomics for the surgeon and the assistants, the observation ports can easily be switched. Modular like all the Leica accessories, the Leica Ultra Observer can be mounted easily and directly to any Leica OH4, MS3 or F40 as well as to any previous model such as Leica OH3, OHS1, MS2 or MS1.

Key Features

* Light saving beamsplitter principle
* beamsplitting 40% surgeon, 40% assistant, 20% video
* mono assistant port left and right or rear stereo assistant
* video left and right
* short, ergonomical optical design
* 30° tube adapters for the surgeon and assistant
* fully balanced system
* compatible to any Leica M525/M520/M500 N optics on OH3, OHS1, MS2, MS1 or F40 stand system

The ultra observer offers perfect light management of the observation channels without any loss of light. The optimised assistant ports provides light to the definitive users only, a visible increase of brightness compared to standard solutions.

The innovative optical design allows flexible adaptation of the co-observers and video camera for all circumstances in cranial and spinal microsurgery. Easy handling supports functionality in all situations, an important plus to the outstanding optical quality of M525/M520/M500 N series.

The ideal ergonomic conditions of the Leica ULT500's are based on short optical distances and the 45° adaptation of the tubes by two rotatable adapters and optimal Leica observation tubes for a relaxed working and head position for the surgeon and assistant in any surgical operation.

The advantages of the Leica ULT 500 can be used with all M525/M520/M500 N optics carriers on any stand as Leica OH4, OH3, OHS1, MS3, MS2, MS1, MC1 or F40 by a simple upgrade.