BenQ SP830 Projector

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BenQ SP830 Projector

Best big screen experience
Take presentations to a whole new level with the new BenQ SP830 data projectors. Made for any auditorium, colors and details are delivered with crystal-clear smoothness that'll even make video projectors blush. Plus, with its unique technology and brightness to spare at 3,500 stunning ANSI lumens, the WXGA projectors will never leave your audience in the dark.

Best Visual Experience
10-bit color - Instead of using 8-bit technology with only 16 million colors, the SP830 is able to process a full 10 bit of color data to distinguish and display more than 1 billion colors. The pictures are more lifelike and the color precision is better than ever.

Chroma & Luma Transition Enhancement – Color video signals such as NTSC, PAL or SECAM types all have luminance (luma) and chrominance (chroma) components. As the chroma signal bandwidth is usually narrower than luma signal bandwidth, color edges changes occur much slower than luma edges changes. In other words, a chroma signal transition occurs fairly slower than a luma signal transition. Consequently, chroma signal edges/transitions usually appear degraded. With Chroma & Luma Transition Enhancement, the SP830 sharpen the chroma signal transitions to give you razor-sharp video signals with no distracting picture blur.

Independent Color Management – See colors the way they're meant to be. Through the power of 6 independent color adjustments, you can precisely fine-tune saturation levels of even a single color in any image.

Noise Reduction – Via a temporal noise filter, several frames are evaluated at once. Pixels that give rise to visual noise are then instantly identified and eliminated. Distortion resulting from too much compression is also corrected.

Detail Enhancement – Whether you're looking at moving or static images, the HQV Detail Enhancement technology identifies any blurred areas before processing and wiping them away. Contrast is then added automatically to making details stand out clearly.

BrilliantColor – True beauty comes from within. The revolutionary BrilliantColorTM enables higher brightness levels by boosting mid-tone colors – guaranteeing your presentations are more vibrant and precisely rendered.

WXGA (1280 x 768) – Don't just make a presentation, make an instant impact. With resolution this high, deliver presentations in widescreen with sharper images that not only wow your audience, but also stays true to what you see on your laptop.

3,500 ANSI Lumens - Never worry if you can't always be guaranteed a dark room. The lumens generated by the SP830 is so bright, it's more than enough to highlight your presentations.

Personal / Professional Projector
- DLP® Technology
- Native WXGA Resolution
- 3500 ANSI Lumens
- 4000 hrs Lamp Life (Eco. mode)
- Brilliant Color
- Split Screen