BenQ SP870 Projector

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BenQ SP870 Projector

Put the shine on
BenQ's SP870 projector is the bright choice for meetings, with a powerful 5000 lumen lamp that lets you keep the lights on during use without detracting from the viewing experience. A dark room might be good for watching a movie, but it doesn't work so well for meetings or other occasions where participants need to take notes or consult printed documents. The SP870 is designed for just such situations, rendering a spectacularly vivid and richly colored picture--even with the lights up. It'll put the shine on meetings and put a smile on the faces of those in attendance.

Created for picture clarity
The SP870's 5000 ANSI lumens projection lamp provides far greater light output than typical projectors. As a result, it can deliver a brightly illuminated picture with fully saturated color even in locations with high levels of ambient light.

5000 ANSI Lumens
Because it can offer a superior viewing experience even in rooms with the lights on, the SP870 is perfect for use during meetings or other situations where viewers may need to write down notes or refer to printed materials. The extraordinarily bright picture is complemented by image enhancement technologies such as BenQ's exclusive BrilliantColor, 3D color management, and UNISHAPE. There's even wall color correction to ensure excellent color rendition even on non-standard projection surfaces such as walls or blackboards.

The high 2000:1 contrast ratio means fine details and subtle color differences are rendered vividly even in darkly lit scenes.

3D ColorManagement
3D color management lets users fine-tune the hue, saturation, and gain of primary colors to achieve the exact picture quality desired.

2000: 1
The high 2000:1 contrast ratio means fine details and subtle color differences are rendered vividly even in darkly lit scenes.

Made for your convenience
The SP870 incorporates a number of design touches and handy features that make for smooth operation--and make the SP870 simply a delight to use. When you wish to start up or shut down the SP870, alert tones won't leave you wondering whether the projector is on or off. A presentation timer will keep your presentations on track while a panel key lock will put an end to annoying glitches due to accidental button presses. Automatic detection of video sources, a 12V trigger for controlling motorized screens, quick cooling, and custom splash screens are a few other features that make the SP870 so easy and enjoyable to use.

Power On/Off Tone
To let you know when the projector has warmed up and is ready for use, or when it has cooled down after use, a handy alert tone is available, so you don't have to inspect indicators visually.

Presentation Timer
An on-screen timer helps users run presentations more smoothly, while keeping the audience's attention focused on the show and not their watches.

Panel Key Lock
Locking down the keypad puts an end to the embarrassment and disruption of accidentally pressing a control button and activating the associated function during a presentation.

QuickAuto Search
This feature automatically detects when a video source is connected, for plug-and-play simplicity that will get you up and running with a presentation without hassles.

12V Trigger
The built-in 12V trigger input helps the SP870 easily link with external supporting devised such as the motorized screens, making for less clutter and greater user convenience.

Wall Color Correction
Wall color correction provides automatic optimization for different surfaces, such as a classroom blackboard, that might be used to display content instead of a regular projector screen.

Quick Cooling
Cooling time itself has been reduced by over 60%, saving your time and minimizing the risk of heat damage to sensitive internal components.

The MyScreen software makes it a snap to create a custom start-up screen, like a photo or a company logo, for an impressive special touch. Connect the SP870 to your PC with a common RS-232 cable (optional) and set up MyScreen. MyScreen will prompt you to select the image file you want to use, and then upload it to the SP870 so you can put your personal stamp on every presentation.

Designed for reliability
The SP870 demonstrates careful attention to details that set it apart from regular projectors in terms of dependable, secure operation. A high altitude mode ensures that the SP870 performs to expectations even under adverse conditions, and an auto-off feature not only saves power but also avoids possible overheating. A security password can be set to prevent unauthorized use, while smart Lamp Care technology protects the lamp from damage due to startup at overly high temperatures.

High Altitude Mode
This mode allows the SP870 to be operated even under adverse conditions, such as high altitudes or high temperatures. In addition, its thermal design includes two autonomous cooling fans for the lamp and DMD chip to ensure optimum performance and maximum device life.

Auto Off
A smart auto off feature shuts the projector down when no input sources are detected after a preset interval. This feature not only conserves power, but also prevents possible overheating.

Password Protection
By setting this password, users can prevent unauthorized use of the projector.

Lamp Care.
You can turn the SP870 on and off within short period of time without concern. SP870 can detect the bulb temperature automatically when you try on it and make sure the temperature is cool enough before it allows the projector to turn on.