Motorola NE1000 Network Encryptor

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Motorola NE1000 Network Encryptor

The NE1000 supports centralized encryption of MPEG services in a MediaCipher® conditional access system. It also provides the ability to support efficient Single Program Transport Stream (SPTS) distribution of services, which is a key requirement in Switched Digital Video (SDV) applications.

* Offers Single Program Transport Stream (SPTS) encryptor for switched digital and VOD solutions.
* Supports MediaCipher encryption of up to 192 services (unique tier per service), or upto 384 services using Common Tier Encryption (CTE).
* Uses an embedded element manager or Motorola’s SmartStream Device Manager (SDM) for configurability.
* An XML interface allows the Digital Addressable Controller (DAC) to deliver Entitlement Management Messages and conditional access rights data to the NE.
* Performs periodic insertion of Motorola Entitlement Control Messages.
* Provides status and alarms using SNMP traps.
* Configurable control and management of copy control information (CCI) and analog protection system (APS) data.

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