Olympus Wire/Rod/Bars In-line Inspection System

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-11
Olympus Wire/Rod/Bars In-line Inspection System

Ring Type EC Array Solution

This is the now standard R/D Tech solution for Schumag-type drawing machines. It offers a unique floating feature. The probe support is composed of two hinged-panel centering devices. Each centering device houses two rows of three rolls offering highly precise guidance. The hinged panels are attached to the probe support, which has two or three degrees of freedom, as required by the drawing line. This allows the probe to follow the movement of the material being tested for high sensitivity and repeatability. A simplified non-floating version is also available for small wires. Probe support is used to ensure proper centering.

Clamp Type EC Arrays Solution

Olympus NDT offers a solution for bended ends. One of the problems with drawing line inspections is the quick lash at the end of the wire coil, which can damage the eddy current probe. Olympus NDT has developed a removable EC array probe that opens to let the coil out.

Bar Inspection Using Eddy Current Arrays and Ultrasound Phased Arrays

The innovative advanced EC array technology offers unique capabilities for surface inspection of round, square, and hexagonal bars. The array coil configuration detects short and long defects. Very fast inspection speeds are achieved by using the powerful QuickScan™ EC instrument (40-kHz acquisition rate, 384 channels). Production line speeds can reach 2 m/s. Among other advantages, the system will detect an axially oriented, 5-mm long defect at a depth of 0.1 mm on a cold-drawn steel tube.

A high-quality inspection solution using phased-array technology allows for volume inspection and detection of small defects. The phased-array technique electronically rotates the ultrasound beam around the bar, eliminating the need for the mechanical rotation of the parts.