Leica S6 T Greenough Stereomicroscope

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Leica S6 T Greenough Stereomicroscope

The Leica S6 T with 6.3:1 zoom and a standard magnification of 6.3x - 40x is the world's first and only fully electrostatic dissipative stereomicroscope. This patented member of the Leica StereoZoom line is essential for critical inspection of ESD sensitive electronic components such as computer hard drives.
The Leica S6 T with incident light or T swivel arm stand is the ultimate in ESD protection.

Key Features

* 6.3:1 zoom ratio
* Standard magnification of 6.3x - 40x
* Dissipative surface for optimal ESD protection
* Ergonomic 38° viewing angle for user comfort
* Largest field of view of any instrument in its class - 36.5mm
* Working distance of 110 mm,
* Adjustable upper and lower zoom magnification stops
* Ergonomic objectives for optimized viewing height
* Eyepieces for spectacle wearers
* Unique integrated cold light illumination system
* Flexible, modular design for easy customization

The Leica S6 T StereoZoom® with an incident light or T swivel arm stand is the ultimate in ESD protection. This instrument guarantees clean room safety through its non-slough coating. A must for critical samples and sensitive environments.

The Leica S6 T exemplifies high quality optics, robust and reliable mechanics, and comfortable user interfaces, all at a reasonable price. The Greenough based optical system provides high quality optical performance with the largest field of view (36.5 mm) of any instrument in its class. The instrument is chromatically optimized, offers high-contrast, as well as robust and reliable mechanics, comfortable user interfaces - all at a reasonable price. Clear, sharp, and flat image (planar) images from the S6 T provide more information about your specimen.

The optical design allows the microscope to be used for long periods without causing eyestrain, resulting in faster, more efficient inspections and increased productivity. The Leica S6 T has a unique and ergonomic 38 viewing angle for proper posture and improved comfort. Ergonomic objectives permit fine adjustments of working distance and viewing height.

The Leica S6 T is a modular microscope with an assortment of objectives, eyepieces, stands, and illumination. The Leica L2 cold light source can be directly coupled with this stereomicroscope and is the only integrated system with for small requirements available today. The Leica L2 is constructed of ZeroStat antistatic polymer, making it the perfect partner for the S6 T when conduction electrostatic sensivitve work.

The Leica S6 T was especially developed for extreme sensitive electronic components. The used microscope material for the S6 T reduces possible existing static charges from 1000V to 0V in less than 0.1 seconds. When it comes to ESD concerns, the Leica S6 T provides the ultimate protection.