Leica S6 D Greenough Stereomicroscope

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Leica S6 D Greenough Stereomicroscope

The Leica S6 D with 6.3:1 zoom and a standard magnification of 6.3x - 40x is the documentation model of the Leica StereoZoom line. This StereoZoom® with integrated photo/video port offers an affordable and comprehensive documentation solution for all fields of application like manufacturing, quality inspection, small parts assembly, OEM integration, student laboratory use or other research and development tasks.

Key Features

* 6.3:1 zoom
* Standard magnification 6.3x - 40x
* Integrated video/photo output 0% / 100%
* Ergonomic 38° viewing angle
* Ergonomic objectives for optimized viewing height
* Largest 36.5mm field of view of any instrument in its class
* Working distance 110mm
* Adjustable upper and lower zoom magnification stops
* Eyepieces for eyeglass wearers
* ZeroStat antistatic coating
* Unique integrated cold light illumination system
* Flexible, modular design for easy customization
* Digital imaging systems, image management software, integrated analog video camera

The Leica S6 D StereoZoom with integrated video-/phototube (0 % / 100 %) is perfect for documentation and allows easy and rapid mounting of Leica digital cameras. The optics are designed to produce high-resolution, high-contrast, chromatically optimized, clear, sharp, and non-distorted images. Conventional film and analog video cameras achieve outstanding results as well. The Leica S6 D has an ergonomic 38 degrees viewing angle for proper posture and improved comfort. Ergonomic objectives permit fine adjustments of working distance and viewing height. The Leica S6 D gives access to the entire assortment of objectives, eyepieces, stands and illumination. The Leica L2 cold light source can be directly coupled with the stereomicroscope and is the only integrated system with low space requirements available today. The Leica L2 and the Leica S6 D are constructed of the same ZeroStat antistatic polymer and make this combination perfect for working in electrostatic sensitive environments.