Leica M300 Diagnostic Microscope

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Leica M300 Diagnostic Microscope

We believe that excellent diagnosis is just as important as a successful operation. That's why we designed the Leica M300 to the same high quality specifications as our reputed surgical microscopes. The result: images of a standard you won't find in any other diagnostic microscope.

Although the Leica M300 naturally does not have all the features of a surgical microscope, it shows you more diagnostic details than any conventional product. There is no other diagnostic microscope offering anywhere near the same light intensity and imaging quality.

Key Features

* Exceptionally large depth of field
* Significant good 3D effect
* Five different levels of magnification via a simple dial
* Very low in weight und extremely mobile

Because the features to be inspected are often recessed & only accessible through narrow passages, the Leica M300 is equipped with an intense & near vertical light beam producing a concentrated light spot.

The points of interest for ENT are at different levels. This is yet another reason why the Leica M300 is ideal: The depth of field is so great that both near and quite distant features are simultaneously in sharp focus. Better Perception of Depth. When looking into the Leica M300, take note of the very pronounced spatial impression. This is important, because it will make your examination easier. Ideal viewing conditions - with and without spectacles.

The perfectly-designed optical system of the Leica M300 relieves the eyes from strain. And the wide-field eyepieces for spectacle wearers are routinely supplied with all outfits.