Leica M400 E One Hand Movement Microscope

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Leica M400 E One Hand Movement Microscope

The Leica M400 E offers brilliant optics with outstanding field depth and superlative contrast. Brought straight to the operating table with the long swivel arm, the Leica M400 E incorporates Leica's patented one-hand-movement system, an extremely smooth balancing system for reliably fast and precise positioning.

Besides the integrated halogen illumination with coaxial light beam there is also an optional light intensifier or a xenon light source. The standard configuration has a wide range of accessories for shared viewing and documentation. Thanks to its compact design, surgery is more comfortable and more efficient.

Key Features

* Brilliant Leica optics
* 5-step magnification changer
* Great 3D effect
* Large depth of field range
* Choice of fine focusing lenses
* Integrated halogen illumination with a fast lamp quick-changer
* Optional Xenon illumination
* Optional light intensifier
* Fast, precise positioning with One Hand Movement
* Innovative 'on top of the sterile drape' mounting of the sterilizable handle
* Modular system with selection of different binocular tubes
* Selection of different co-observation tubes
* Adaptability of various video and photo systems
* Asepsis for all controls
* Patented counterbalance mechanism
* Easy-to-use balancing system
* Compact design with built-in control unit
* Long reach swingarm for optimal positioning
* Small base with large, easy-rolling casters
* Laser adaptability

ENT and dental specialists need a surgical microscope that can be positioned quickly, accurately and easily. Due to the simple balancing system, the Leica M400 E with accessories is brought into a state of equilibrium with only a few adjustments movements. Once balanced, the microscope is incredibly easy to move, yet remains exactly at any desired position.

The Leica M400 E has an integrated, powerful halogen illuminator with quick-change mount and as optionals it offers a very efficient light intensifier or a strong Xenon light source. The powerful, steep-angled coaxial illuminating beam reaches right to the bottom of narrow operating channels, while the great 3D effect enhances the impression of depth. A full range of accessories and the adaptability of Laser's complete the system.