Leica M525 F40 Surgical Microscope

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Leica M525 F40 Surgical Microscope

The Leica M525 F40 provides unique support for neurosurgeons, ENT, and spinal specialists during surgery. Leica's M525 OptiChrome™ premium optics and the compact Leica F40 stand are the perfect answer to the challenges of microsurgery.

Best viewing, perfect balance, easy mobility, optimal stability and excellent value for money all define this Leica microscope system. The slim design of the Leica F40 stand conceals innovative engineering that provides a unique homogeneity of movement. Sophisticated interface solutions make the Leica M525 F40 compatible with neuronavigation/IGS systems.

A feature of the Leica M525 microscope is AutoIris™ - the coupling of the illumination brightness control to the working distance for even more reliable work at short distances.

Key Features

* Premium Leica M525 optics with OptiChrome™ technology
* AutoIris™ - the coupling of the illumination brightness control to the working distance for even more reliable work at short distances
* Leica MicroBase™ stand system with small base and extra long reach
* Motorized zoom and focus via multifocal lens from 207mm to 470mm, speed adjustable
* 30% increased depth of field
* High performance 300-watt xenon lamp, plus incorporated 2nd illumation
* Continuously adjustable illumination field diameter with Gaussian light distribution
* 30% more light intensity, continuously adjustable
* Precision mechanics for unmatched ease of intraoperative movement
* Six built-in electromagnetic brakes
* Easily movable, stable and space-saving
* Full IGS compatible including the dual imaging system, the Leica DI C500
* ISUS Intelligent Set Up System
* Wide variety of optional accessories

Leica OptiChrome™ technology
The integration of glass, coating and design parameters delivers decisive advantages. Ten years of relentless research and clinical experience of OptiChrome™ optics have now culminated in the world's most advanced optical system: the Leica M525 OptiChrome™.

Leica MicroBase™ technology
The modern operating room is frequently filled with numerous pieces of surgical equipment and a large team of surgeons and nurses. Leica's Swiss engineers developed the Leica F40 stand in response to these often cramped conditions. The result: an extremely compact base combined with a very long swing arm for optimal use of space.

Ergonomic - the generous surrounding grip
In conjunction with the compact base, the grip permits the Leica M525 F40 to be maneuvered laterally to the operating table with ease.

Compact and stable - the base
Measuring only 637mm 637mm (25 in. 25 in.), the movable base is a dwarf that performs the job of a giant, keeping the very long swing arm stable and securely positioned above the operating table.

Practical - the footswitch mount
Positioned at an ergonomic height and protected from all sides, the footswitch mount is extremely practical.

Fast and secure - the foot brakes
The two foot brakes can be actuated quickly and individually and guarantee secure positioning.

Cleanly positioned - the video CCU carrier
The video camera control unit carrier lets you mount the equipment on the stand in an orderly manner and have it draw its power from the stand.

The ISUS system (Intelligent Set Up System) developed by Leica guarantees maximum flexibility for up to 8 user-specific configurations. ISUS also features a self-diagnostic system.

The compact design of the Leica M525 F40, guarantees the smallest possible working distance between the eyepieces and object field. Its optimized ergonomics guarantee a relaxed posture for the surgeon.

The sterilizable M525 objective protection has optical glass with a high-quality coating in an interchangeable mount to ensure best possible visibility while maintaining sterility.

The 300W xenon light source allows even the finest structures in low-lying operating locations to be viewed clearly with perfect depth perception. Should the xenon light source ever fail during surgery, the 150W halogen light source will be available within one second with a quick turn.