Leica M651 Manual Surgical Microscope

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Leica M651 Manual Surgical Microscope

The Leica M651 has been specially designed for use in microsurgery and is well known for its remarkably clear, sharp images, great depth of field, pronounced 3D effect, high light intensity, and its faithful color rendering.

Due to its high perfomance, the Leica M651 is also used for various technical, industrial and research applications. The brilliant Leica optics in combination with an easy to handle and stable floor stand perfectly support the work in all of these fields and offer an outstanding price performance ratio.

Key Features

* 5-step magnification changer
* Large depth of field range
* Great 3D effect
* Built-in homogeneous and strong halogen light
* Quick- change lamp mount
* Built-in filter holders
* Easy-to-use and stable floor stand, mobile with large casters
* Precise manual fine positioning controls for movement of the microscope
* Large extension of the swingarm
* Modular system with selection of different binocular tubes
* Selection of different co-observation tubes
* Adaptability of various video and photo systems
* Asepsis for all controls

The Leica M651 is renowned for its clear, outstandingly sharp images, it's great depth of field, its pronounced 3D effect, its high light intensity and its faithful color rendering. In addition it is designed to carry a broad selection of ergonomically optimized binocular tubes, video and photo accessories as well as co-observation tubes.These are all ideal conditions for its use in a large variety of applications in different fields, medical and non-medical.

Equipped with the same quality of optics like all other Leica Surgical Microscopes and the same interface to hold different accessories, it offers a very good value instrument and opens the possibility for future upgrades.

It's mechanical characteristics match perfectly the quality of the optics and provide the necessary precision and control to guide the microscope over the field of interest; with the ergonomically designed handles the microscope can be quickly and with very little effort be moved in all axis and over large ranges.

The Leica M651 is in a class of its own!