Leica RM2245 Semi-motorized Rotary Microtome

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Leica RM2245 Semi-motorized Rotary Microtome

The RM2245 is a semi-motorized rotary microtome, designed for routine and research applications in histology, histopathology and industrial quality assurance laboratories. Manual sectioning is enhanced by the high-precision motorized specimen feed, which results in efficient operation with maximum section reproducibility. With the Leica RM2245 there is a choice between the conventional manual sectioning method of full handwheel rotation and the "rocking mode". In rocking mode, the handwheel is only turned back and forth over a short distance. The RM2245 comes with a holder system for disposable blades, a size-optimized control panel and a precision specimen orientation with clear zero reference point.

Key Features

* Motorized precision feed system
* Vertical stroke length: 70 mm
* Section thickness: 0.5 - 100 µm
* Trim thickness: 1-600 µm
* Programmable retraction
* STEP-trim function
* Manual sectioning mode
* Precise specimen orientation
* "Rocking mode" (Ergomode) function
* Twin safety handwheel brake
* All-new knife holder system
* All-new specimen orientation system
* New waste tray design

The design and technology of the RM2245 rotary microtome utilize the patented balancing system first introduced in the Leica RM 2135 microtome. A precision step motor is used for convenient and accurate specimen advance so that the section thickness remains consistent at any setting. In addition, the Leica RM2245 is the first semi-motorized microtome where the sample is advanced and retracted without having to turn the handwheel completely (i.e. rocking/ ergomode). The knife holder system for disposable blades has been re-engineered. The Leica RM2245 is equipped with an all-new specimen orientation system, a new waste tray in a new one-piece housing with modern appealing design.