Fujitsu ETERNUS UDS 2000 Storage

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Fujitsu ETERNUS UDS 2000 Storage

The UDS 2000 from Fujitsu is a powerful, turnkey, storage appliance that simplifies storage deployment, provisioning, and management. It is unified storage, designed to make your overall storage infrastructure less complicated. The UDS 2000 features the ETERNUS® 2000 Storage System, PRIMERGY® Servers, and the Windows® Unified Data Storage Server (WUDSS) from Microsoft®, which enables both NAS file-level and iSCSI block-level data to be transferred over Ethernet networks.

Unified Storage

* NAS File Sharing Protocols - SMB/CIFS and NFS
* Block Transfer Protocol - iSCSI

Turnkey Solution

* "Out of Box" Experience
* Easy to Set Up, Provision, and Manage Unified Storage
* TCO Reduction

Integrated Management

* Centralized Management, Familiar Environment, and Familiar Tools
* Simplifies Management of Volumes, Shares, and iSCSI Targets
* Remote, Web Based Administration
* Reduced Administrative Overhead

High Availability

* Dual Servers - Clustered Failover
* Robust Design

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