Fujitsu ETERNUS VS900 Storage

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Fujitsu ETERNUS VS900 Storage

The VS900 is built on intelligent SAN switches delivering virtualization capabilities into your existing SAN infrastructure. For the first time, storage virtualization can deliver the power to redirect I/O and virtualize heterogeneous storage pools at wire speed.

Scales up to 3.5 PB of virtualized storage capacity

Delivers up to 32 ports for virtualized storage

Out-of-band data management means no performance overhead or availability impact

No caching in the VS900 means "wire speed" virtualization for maximum scalability

* Simplify data movement: Easily move data between any storage system or any storage tier.
* Minimize administrative overhead: Centralize storage management and simplify storage allocation.
* Increase current storage resource utilization: Use your resources more effectively and efficiently.
* Reduce costs: Maximize your storage investment and minimize management effort.

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