Leica M844 CT40 Telescope Ceiling-Mounted Microscope

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Leica M844 CT40 Telescope Ceiling-Mounted Microscope

Outstanding stability and spectacular reach stretching limits in operating room positioning. The superior Leica M844 with OptiChrome™ optics held steady with ergonomically operated electromagnetic brakes.

Key Features

* Four elctromagnetic brakes
* Flexible positioning
* Spectacular reach of 1496mm
* Large clearance of up to 2000mm in parked position
* Motor-powered height adjustment of 500mm
* Quick, easy access and simple operation
* New patented and even more stable dampening system
* Smooth movements
* Continuously variable counter balance
* Video camera control unit (CCU) holder included
* Exclusively available for Leica M844
* Built-in additonal power-supply for accessories
* Option to mount control unit on the wall
* Option to integrate OR light

The Leica ceiling mounts with the superior Leica M844 OptiChrome™ optics are the ideal microscope carrier. They leave free space on the floor and create this way maximum freedom of movement. The patient can be accessed from all sides, even when a larger team and more equipment are involved in the surgery. Leica ceiling mounts are custom-tailored for all the different operating room situations and requirements.

The Leica Ceiling Mount and Telescope Mount are quickly brought into use, the surgical microscope an be readily swung into the field of operation. The new Leica C40 swingarm (available as Leica M844 C40 and Leica M844 CT40) secures the system perfectly in working position with electromagnetic brakes. Guaranteeing stability throughout the procedure, while still ensuring fast turnover times between cases.